The-Leo-Project is based on reading: by a K2-4 child, or to groups by a parent, grandparent, teacher, or the audiobook narrator. The story starts with a happy cat who suddenly becomes homeless. From that moment of being alone, afraid, and hungry, Leo Land becomes a world filled with friendship and hope, beauty and caring. There are villains and dangers, but they are overcome with humor, courage, and teamwork by an endearing mix of talking critters in all their adorable glory.

Animal Dance

What’s important is the network of connections created as the story evolves, teaching children about whom to trust, how to make friends, and how friends help one another, for necessity and in fun. The complicated feelings of a young one trying to make sense of a world that keeps changing much too quickly will be easily relatable to elementary-aged children. But beyond the timeless tone, the books tackle serious issues.

Leo Land is filled with gentleness and hope for the world we want to create, protect, and share with those we love. The-Leo-Project is about creating a place where everyone can live safely and with respect in a warm and inviting world.

These books are free, not for sale. Click on any cover to download an illustrated PDF, suitable for gifting donors and other kind-hearted folks. There’s even an audiobook for Leo and the Crows!

Link to Book 1
Leo is a happy kitten, until he becomes homeless. He makes friends, first with Mouse, then with Mojo, and then finds The Garden.
Link to Book 2
Leo has to earn his home in The Garden. He and Mouse make fabulous new friends while on a mission to save baby foxes.
Link to Book 1
Leo and all of his pals go to the circus to rescue a kidnapped bear. They meet new friends and an old nemesis.

What Preview Readers Say

“I read Leo and the Crows and Leo and the Foxes with Charlotte (Charlie), my grand-daughter. We read in person and over FaceTime, when Charlie would make a cozy spot in her room where she could cuddle in while we would read together. She is a very active just-turned seven year-old, so it’s not a small thing that she stayed engaged. When I finished each chapter, I asked her if she liked it. Quoting Charlotte: “I didn’t like it, I LOVED it!” This is turning out to be a sweet special thing that Charlotte and I are doing together I’m enjoying every minute.”
-Minalee Saks, founder, Birth to Three (now Parenting Now)

Charlie’s Leo inspired art!

Students at MEPAA love Leo! Here’s what they have to say:

Other preview readers comments:

I finished reading and I can hardly wait for more Leo stories! Absolutely delightful…….A page turner…….A wonderful teaching tool for my grandkids…..Heartwarming fun……A perfect way to connect with my grandchildren across the country……..Just what I needed to teach my children about social issues….Sweet charming and heartwarming….100 million % GOOD!!!

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