Welcome to The Leo Project!

The-Leo-Project is about becoming more neighborly, and using our inter-generational connections–in families, schools, and service groups–to share messages of caring and helpfulness.

The-Leo-Project is based on values to promote a safer and more caring society:

Be kind.
Share food.
Tell the truth.
Laugh more.
Make things better.

The-Leo-Project spreads these values and encourages participants to create solutions in their neighborhoods.

It’s easy and free to participate:

  • Teachers, classroom aides, readers in literacy or after-school programs, anyone who interacts with children can download free materials that promote kindness to children and animals. These sweet, fun stories are oases of hope in hard times.
  • Individuals can ask local non-profits that address homelessness, food insecurity, and welcoming communities to adopt The-Leo-Project.
  • Non-profits can adopt The-Leo-Projects values and become Friends by linking to us. They receive free materials to gift to donors, with our thanks for your good work
  • Corporate and Foundation Sponsors can contribute charitable giving funds to Friends to support kindness-based programming. Please read and support our vision.
  • Ecumenical and faith groups can use the stories in classes as they talk about how a values-based society treats those in need.
  • Cultural Influencers and philanthropists can spread the word by linking The-Leo-Project to their favorite projects.

We agree with Mr. Rodgers: Look for the helpers. You’ll always find people who are helping.

Please be a helper. Anything that makes our world kinder is a win. Thanks in advance for your time, insights, and help.

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