The Vision

We at The-Leo-Project hope schmaltzy critter Zen can counterbalance the anger and fear too prevalent in today’s world. We want to get Leo’s values into people’s hearts, and to help those who make the world better while we do it.

We want to shift public discourse from diatribe to dialogue through stories that transcend red vs blue, culture war politics. The materials are designed to start conversations about homelessness, food insecurity, sustainability, and creating happy families and communities. We recognize that these can be difficult issues to talk about when the subject is people. But because Leo Land is filled with charming, adorable critters, children will be able to imagine an inclusive world where shared purpose can lead to happier communities.

How to Make The-Leo-Project Real

Step one: Gift the free materials to your donors.

Leo Land stories are a microcosm of a child’s real world, whether that child has a strong loving family or is facing a critical situation. It’s all digital, so a simple and easy way to reward supporters and spread neighborly values.

Step two: Fundraise using The-Leo-Project.

Corporate or Foundation sponsors can promote kindness in various ways:

  • Donating to 501(c)3 Friends to support existing programs that address children, families, and communities.
  • Supporting a Hometown Heroes initiative to bring recognizable role models to fundraising events at animal shelters, food donation programs, assisted living centers, and other places for intergenerational dialogue.
  • Donating printed books to elementary-school and public libraries, literacy programs, pediatric wards, etc. As little as $1,000 can distribute 150 books.
  •  Funding to provide Zoom workshops, free to participants anywhere, where children and families will do story-telling, mask-making, and song-writing, as students talk about tough issues in a collaborative environment. As little as $1,000 can fund ten workshops.
  • Sponsoring a Leo-themed media channel, so participants can form teams to share art, stories, music, and contests that address ongoing issues children face.

The Ask

Our only ask is that you snuggle in, alone or with children, and read or listen to the stories to see what a fabulous new hero Leo is to root for. You’ll see why he can help us learn to talk to one another again as good neighbors.

Author Note

I’ve spent the last 20 years as Your Jewish Fairy Godmother talking to adults about problems great and small. For me, this is a legacy project, to help make the world kinder. For your organization, it’s a chance to use your institutional moxie in a new way.

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