Advisory Board

Social Impacts Team

The-Leo-Project is seeking high-profile influencers to promote values of kindness and sharing. We are seeking wise counsel in all areas that will turn an idea into a movement, a wave of caring and neighborliness that extends into the areas of social justice and socio-emotional education.

If you have a platform that connects with people, we want to talk to you.

Creativity Team

The Hero and Muse, Leo

Leo was a very sweet stray cat who lived with the author for most of 2021. He’d lived his whole life in a rural valley near Eugene, Oregon. He was a kind, gentle boy who loved watching all the birds in his new home. He enjoyed loving snuggles, lots of food, and was the inspiration for The-Leo-Project.

Story, Helen Rosenau

Helen is a writer, artist, and semi-retired fairy godmother. She’s happiest with a book, a cat, and a laptop, somewhere beautiful, enjoying something wise and/or delicious.

Illustrator, Scarlet Weaver

Scarlet is a designer, artist, and illustrator. She finds joy in creating colorful art, walking her dog Louie, relaxing with her cat Ruby, and enjoying a cold drink with her partner Nate.

Voice, Karm Hagedorn

Karm is at her retired best when traveling with Sheryl, her spouse of 35 years, laughing with their grown daughter Bailey, and enjoying life with good pals. She is on the board of directors of Music Education and Performing Artists Association, bringing music lessons and art to kids, does voice-overs for local radio station KRVM, and constantly sings and whistles around the house. 

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