Discussion Topics

We at The Leo Project want to start conversations within families about important (and sometimes difficult) topics in today’s world. But we’d like to do that in a gentle, accessible way. The questions below are illustrative. We recognize that each child and each family will choose the level of discussion that’s appropriate for their circumstances and values. We hope you have more to suggest. Please send them.

Sample Discussion Questions

Leo and the Crows

In the Beginning: Why is Leo so happy with Gina? Why doesn’t he like Tall Guy? What makes a happy home? What was so scary about Gina leaving?

On the Run: Why is Leo frightened? Why do you think Leo was following Mouse? Why does Mouse show Leo where the food is kept? Do you think Leo and Mouse would be friends in real life? How do you feel when you make a new friend? What makes you like them?

Leo Meets the Crows: Do you think Mojo are showoffs? Is it OK to be mean to bullies? What do you do if you see someone being bullied? Does it matter if you know them or not?

On the Road: How did you feel when Mouse told Leo to go with MoJo? Would you have left Mouse? Did MoJo tease Leo when they were guiding him? How do you feel when you’re headed somewhere unknown? What do you do if you’re afraid?

In the Garden: Is Leo scared of the older crows? Why? Do you think Leo is brave? Do you think MoJo wants to be Leo’s friend? What parts of The Garden sound exciting to you?

Dessert: Have you ever seen so many animals be happy together? What do you think The Rules of The Garden mean? Where in your life do people act that way to each other?

Home: Have you ever had to pass a test to get what you want? Were you scared?

General: Who’s your favorite character and why? Which did you not like and why? Did anything scare you? Do you think you can remember the four-part calming breath? Do you have special places you go to feel safe? Do you have friends you can talk to about absolutely anything, even scary things? Would it make you happy to know Mouse comes back in Leo and the Foxes?