Friends, Sponsors, Advisors

Friends of The-Leo-Project will include philanthropists, faith leaders, cultural influencers, foundations and non-profits, and nationally branded companies. We’re hoping to engage the imaginations of people who want to turn down the temperature on the current cultural divide.  It’s  about making the world feel safer and more welcoming. Our goal is getting kindness and sharing to be a reflexive response among neighbors.

Being a friend is free. By adding your group’s name below, and sharing media links with The-Leo-Project, you’re publicly affirming values of kindness, sharing, and neighborliness. Together, we can create the feeling of a welcoming neighborhood in our broader society.



Conscious Companies:

Ecumenical and Faith Groups:

Cultural Influencers:

Advisory Board

The-Leo-Project is seeking high-profile influencers to promote values of kindness and sharing. We are seeking wise counsel in all areas that will turn an idea into a movement, a wave of caring and neighborliness that extends into the areas of social justice and socio-emotional education.

If you have a platform that connects with people or do research that leads to social change, we want to talk to you.

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