The Leo Project

The Leo Project is a chance to do well by doing good: make money while inspiring children with good values.

The retail distribution model follows traditional book marketing: get good reviews; generate PR, be interviewed as often and widely as possible; and create buzz around the characters and story. The creative team is interested and available for all opportunities a publisher can create, in addition to strategic outreach in our own networks. That’s the basis for mainstream success.

The-Leo-Project is a chance to increase demand in a very counter-intuitive way: donate books to non-profit organizations that improve the social problems the series addresses.

The books are a microcosm of a child’s real world, whether that child has a strong loving family or is facing a critical situation. They’re about making the world safer, kinder, and more welcoming. That message is critically relevant in such divided times. Leo and his pals can bridge distribution demographics with sweetness and adorability.

To get that message across, and to create demand for the movie/cartoon phase of the Leo Land stories, we propose a three-stage process.

Through The-Leo-Project’s Hometown Heroes initiative we hope to generate a special kind of buzz. The goal is to bring well-known role models as spokespeople to connect directly with readers. Every recognizable name comes from a family and community that knew that person when they were young. Every town from LA or NYC to Smallsville, USA has an elementary school, animal shelter, food donation program, pediatric ward, assisted living center, and a variety of other non-profits that those spokespeople can (and may already) support.

Here’s the marketing fantasy:

Part One:  _ adopts the Leo project as a pay-it-forward initiative.

 _ funds each/select celebrities in their robust entourage with seed money to support their favorite causes. Celebrities could match or increase those donations. On their next visit, each would do a Hometown Hero promotional event at the non-profit of their choice, e.g. a pet adoption or food donation center. The local paper would be invited to see the celeb donating books and talking to volunteers. The non-profit gets signed copies to raffle or gift to donors.

If the celeb is up for it, they could conduct a workshop for children invited for the event by the non-profit. The-Leo-Project, in cooperation with MEPAA, is developing a series of workshops designed for active involvement with children and senior volunteers. They include writing a song, drawing a picture, or writing a story or play about a pet, real or imaginary. The celeb (with MEPAA’s help) will conduct the workshop, and the results will go online at

Part two: We spread the word.

The-Leo-Project will provide each elementary school in that town with a copy of the book and curriculum materials for teachers. Schools in other locations may purchase books and will receive all curriculum material for free.

Every year there will be a new Leo-themed challenge for songs, stories, and art. For example, the first will be Leo in the Haunted Place, introduced with specific plot points, descriptions of new characters, and a problem to solve. All submitted material will be posted online and judged by a panel of experts and celebs. Winners will be announced at the end of the school year. There will be prizes.  

Part three: The Leo Land stories go multimedia.

Most franchises become films after a book becomes a series. The Leo Project proposes to turn that model on its head by managing branding from the outset. In addition to the book deal, __ will do the same with Disney/Pixar (or consider how “Pixar Publishing” could fund the books with marketing dollars in advance of a movie). Annual contest winners would have their stories become part of the ongoing visual streaming of Leo Land.

Meet Leo!

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