What Preview Readers Say

“I read Leo and the Crows and Leo and the Foxes with Charlotte (Charlie), my grand-daughter. We read in person and over FaceTime, when Charlie would make a cozy spot in her room where she could cuddle in while we would read together. She is a very active just-turned seven year-old, so it’s not a small thing that she stayed engaged. When I finished each chapter, I asked her if she liked it. Quoting Charlotte: “I didn’t like it, I LOVED it!” This is turning out to be a sweet special thing that Charlotte and I are doing together I’m enjoying every minute.”
-Minalee Saks, founder, Birth to Three (now Parenting Now)

Charlie’s Leo inspired art!

Students at MEPAA love Leo! Here’s what they have to say:

Other preview readers comments:

I finished reading and I can hardly wait for more Leo stories! Absolutely delightful…….A page turner…….A wonderful teaching tool for my grandkids…..Heartwarming fun……A perfect way to connect with my grandchildren across the country……..Just what I needed to teach my children about social issues….Sweet charming and heartwarming.

On Rosenau’s first book, The Messy Joys of Being Human:

…An enormously engaging voice…..” and “ a wise and uplifting manual of encouragement for readers…” -Kirkus Reviews

“Rosenau’s set of practices, inspiring prose, and questions for contemplation will be of use to readers looking for guidance….” -Publishers Weekly

”Exceptionally well written….. an extraordinary and life-enhancing read….” -Midwest Book review

Additional Future Reviewers include: AARP Magazine, Grand Magazine, SMART, and other media that focus on intergenerational relationships and strong social values….